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New patient group „men“ – hyaluronic acid as an important tool

In our dermatology practice we use increasingly cross-linked fillers in men, such as Z FILL Deep2 for regenerative augmentation. On behalf of a 47 year old man, the approach and the pleasing results after three months are exemplified.


A 47 year old man without preceeding diseases introduced himself in our practice for aesthetic treatment of his facial wrinkles. After a thorough anamnesis and questioning to his personal attitude and desires, augmentation of the nasolabial folds was performed (Fig. 1).


For such treatments we use the Z Fill series of the company Zimmer MedizinSysteme (Neu-Ulm, Germany). Modern fillers, such as Z Fill contour2 and Z Fill deep2 with their cross-linked HA for regenerative augmentation, are ideal materials with long durability.


Hyaluronic acids initiate on the one hand biologic processes for tissue regeneration and on the other hand have a high moisture-binding capacity. This treatment enables a more fresh appearance, without being noticable and it is also well suited for male patients, to treat deep and distinct folds. That is why we decided in this case, to use the newly developed compound Z Fill deep2. The cross-linked monophasic HA shows very good filling and volumizing effects, as well as an excellent tissue integration. In addition, this HA is easily implanted and easy to mold.

Fig. 1: 47 year old man before augmentation of the nasolabial fold.

Fig. 2: 47 year old man after augmentation of the nasolabial fold.

Z Fill deep2 was injected employing the Tower Technique according to Gerhard Sattler, into both nasolabial folds and subsequently molded. The volumina amounted to 1 ml on each side.

Although the lifting effect, directly after implantation of Z Fill deep2, was not so much pronounced, a very nice result with great volume effect was visible after the 3 month control examination (Fig. 2). One can see nicely, that besides the tissue regeneration, a distinct mouisture binding capacity contributed to the treatment results.


In a further treatment, one could augment the cheek region with Z Fill deep2. This sequence one could have treated before augmentation of the nasolabial folds, but was not desired by the patient at that point. More and more male patients turn to aesthetic dermatology and the average age will decline.


We also observe a trend to low-level invasive treatments. Here, the different HA products of the Z Fill series are an excellent instrument to fulfill patient demands in the field of wrinkle reduction. The Z Fill series of Zimmer MedizinSysteme offers for each treatment area the appropriate product with the respective properties.


Z Fill is – considering our experience – an excellent filler for volume and lifting, with which lost volumina can be replaced by a remarkable lifting effect and receding contours can be tightend, resulting in a fine aesthetic result.


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