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TEOXANE Wins Award for Best Injectable Treatment at 2018 Aesthetics Awards

TEOXANE Laboratories is proud to announce that its Hyaluronic acid dermal filler, TEOSYAL®RHA, has been recognised at the prestigious Aesthetics Awards as the leading injectable treatment of 2018.

The much antisipated industry award, voted for by practitioners, recognizes the tangible benefits of products including best practice, evidence of good safety and efficacy and robust ethics. The ceremony commended TEOXANE for its innovative technology and gave recognition to its design as being focused completely on patient and physician satisfaction.


Madame Taupin, Founder and CEO of the Swiss based company TEOXANE Laboratories says “We are delighted to have this received such recognition for TEOSYAL®RHA in the UK. Ultimately, I believe that aesthetic patients should expect and deserve the very best from their treatment experiences and we have worked hard to develop a product that we believe is best in its class”


TEOXANE has dedicated over a decade to the development of its hyaluronic acid technology, which has been designed with the objective of creating a unique formulation that preserves hyaluronic acid chains, allowing them to mimic the natural HA within the skin and create an extremely natural looking result.


But It doesn’t stop there, TEOXANE has received over 13 accolades across it’s portfolio of products throughout 2018 with the AMEC Anti-Ageing Beauty Trophy and Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards to name but a few.


The FDA approved RHA filler has become a leading brand for thousands of clinics across the globe. Madame Taupin established TEOXANE laboratories in 2003 having sold 10 million syringes of TEOSYAL®in over 90 countries, it is now ranked among the top hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler manufacturers worldwide.


In today’s world, beauty is no longer a question of age. Women want their beauty to last into the future. That’s why TEOXANE Laboratories specialise in the complex development of hyaluronic acid injectable gels with researchers driven by the culture of excellence and innovation as well as a total dedication to effectiveness and safety. Thanks to this approach, the hyaluronic acid gels we produce in our Geneva based laboratories are of the highest quality and purity.


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