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Juvéderm® VOLIFT™ Retouch extends the VYCROSS™ Collection

Allergan Symposium at the 13. AMWC in Monaco:

The day long symposium under the guidance of Dr. Koenraad de Boulle from Belgium was dedicated to the motto „Achieving real expressions in challenging patients“. Customized approaches to facial rejuvenation to achieve a natural look, were presented.


Mauricio de Maio from Brazil presented several difficult cases and how he treats them. He divides the face into „codes“. And for every code he has a special treatment approach. Fort he lips he developed the 8-Point-Lip-Treatment and for the chin the 6-Point-Chin-Reshape. He stated: „doen’t try to sell phials or units, sell codes.“


Dr. Koenraad de Boulle spoke in his lecture about potential complications that can occur after treatment and how you recognize, minimize and of course how to treat them effectively. The effect of lidocaine for example is vasodilatory and can cause bruising of the lips. So one should inject only once on each side of the lips. Trauma by picking to much with the needle can lead to lip swelling.


The famous biofilm of bacteria, that can be caused through paradontosis or a cold can lead to long term infections, that can only be treated with immense difficulty. That is why desinfection and cleansing oft he area is of utmost importance.


De Boulle then showed a case in which, after a „tear trough“ injection, the eye lids swelled. Cause was not an infection, but a thyroid dysfunction. That is why one should always ask the patient about his stae of health.


Dr. Wolfgang Philipp-Dormston, Cologne, Germany, presented the new Juvéderm® VOLIFT™ Retouch [1], with which one can achieve visible and long lasting results of up to 18 months.


Juvéderm® VOLIFT™ with lidocaine [3] is a versatile dermal filler of the VYCROSS™ Collection and suitable for follow-up treatments. The unit is offered with 0,55 ml, so practitioners can refine or refresh the results of the first treatment with Allergan dermal fillers [1], as well as reduce excessive, unused amount of product.


Studies show time and time again, how important a most natural result is for the patients. They wish themselves a treatment that conserves their primal facial expression [4,5]. To achieve these results, one must not only take time for a detailed counseling interview, but also a subtle, tailored treatment is very important. That means that especially for follow-up appointments and post-treatments, the standard amount of 1 ml per phial is often not needed. The unit with 0,55 ml reduces the chance of having too much excessive product and is tailored to the needs of practitioners, that want to offer their patients an individual treatment plan.


Juvéderm® VOLIFT™ Retouch is a very versatile product for filling medium and deep facial wrinkles, for reconstructing volume and to achieve an improvement of facial contouring.


All in all it was a very fascinating day, that was presented to the participants.


Douglas Grosse



Allergan Symposium „Achieving real expressions in challenging patients, AMWC Monaco, 27.03.2015

Press release: „Allergan launches Juvéderm® VOLIFTT Retouch with 0,55ml content“ 26.03.2015


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