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Cynosure Receives Approval to Market SculpSure® in South Korea

“MFDS approval of SculpSure is another major step in our international growth strategy for this breakthrough non-invasive fat-reduction treatment,” said Cynosure President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Davin. “As one of the world’s fastest-growing medical aesthetic regions, the Asia Pacific market is an important one for SculpSure and our entire product portfolio. Our Asia-Pac subsidiaries made up 43 percent of our international product revenue in the first half of this year, compared with 33 percent in the same period of 2015. We look forward to showcasing SculpSure at the IMCAS Asia 2016 meeting later this week in Taipei.”

SculpSure is a safe and an effective non-invasive treatment that eliminates up to 24 percent of treated fat1 in a 25-minute procedure with no downtime, enabling patients to immediately return to their normal activities. SculpSure is intended for individuals with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or less.

SculpSure’s patented technology utilizes a selective wavelength laser that precisely targets fat cells under the skin. The laser raises the temperature of body fat to disrupt and destroy those subcutaneous fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated over time and do not return. SculpSure is also designed for maximum versatility, offering physicians the ability to customize the treatment to each patient’s desired results.

SculpSure works on all skin types and is intended for patients who are struggling with stubborn fat in common trouble spots. Multi-site testing yielded over 90 percent patient satisfaction, with results seen as quickly as 6 weeks and optimal results usually seen in 12 weeks.



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