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Jörg Faulhaber

Reliable and comfortable lip treatment with ZFill contour²

Lip augmentation plays a very important role in minimally invasive aesthetic therapy [1,2]. Although the most frequently described techniques are simple procedures, unsatisfactory results are regularly achieved. The lips have an unnatural appearance after the treatment. The reason for this is that the anatomical conditions are not taken into account [3,4]. In some cases, aesthetic […]

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New patient group „men“ – hyaluronic acid as an important tool

In our dermatology practice we use increasingly cross-linked fillers in men, such as Z FILL Deep2 for regenerative augmentation. On behalf of a 47 year old man, the approach and the pleasing results after three months are exemplified.   A 47 year old man without preceeding diseases introduced himself in our practice for aesthetic treatment […]

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