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Asclepion Laser Technologies: Innovative partner for your aesthetic practice

To develop innovative and successful products is the ethos of Asclepion Laser Technologies. Therefore, the company invests intensively in research and medical practice. The goal is to make the advantages of laser technology “Made in Germany” accessible to an ever increasing number of people and to increase the well-being of patients. Asclepion supports, optimizes and promotes daily medical practice thanks to a wide range of technologically innovative products, continuous training and customized assistance.

Wide range of laser technologies for aesthetic medicine

Asclepion covers the whole range of different laser technologies. The high technological know-how, the constant research and development made Asclepion Laser Technologies a synonym for lasers “Made in Germany”. The company develops, produces and offers technical service – all from one source. Therefore, Asclepion sees itself as a competent partner for dermatologically as well as aesthetically oriented practices, institutes and clinics. Because almost all aesthetic skin treatments are possible with products from Asclepion: removal of tattoos, pigment spots, spider veins, scars, varicose veins or hair – to name just a few applications.

Clinical studies prove safety and efficacy

Numerous clinical studies on various technologies prove and ensure the success of treatment. All medical lasers from Asclepion are CE certified and also have the certificate of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or are undergoing the testing procedure. The FDA pays special attention to safety and efficacy.

Successful development of Asclepion Laser Technologies

Asclepion Laser Technologies is a pioneer of medical-cosmetic lasers: founded in 1977, it became known worldwide as Aesculap-Meditec GmbH. In 1995 a joint venture with part of Jenoptik took place and in 2002 the company changed ownership and name to Carl Zeiss Meditec AG. Since from that time on a strong focus was placed on ophthalmology, today’s Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH found a new partner in 2003: the Florence-based El.En. Group purchased the dermatological, surgical and dental laser business. A lively cooperation among the partners made the Jena-based company the worldwide technology leader for innovative lasers in aesthetic medicine and surgery. As a result of the growth, the company moved into its new headquarters in the newly developed industrial park Jena Lobeda Süd in 2008 after a one-year construction period, confirming the company’s successful strategic orientation and competence.

Successful development of Asclepion Laser Technologies

The further development of the location

With a total investment volume of approx. 4 million euros, the decision for the first new company building in 2008 was made in favor of a plot of land on the JenA4 site. This investment was supported by the Free State of Thuringia with approx. 1 million euros. The new building on the almost 8,800 m2 large property with a main usable area of approx. 3,000 m2 comprises a production building and an office building, which are structurally connected to each other.

With the acquisition of the neighboring plot of land at the beginning of 2014, the property grew by a further 1,700 m2 and now comprises a total of 10,500 m2. New production and storage areas, a clean room as well as a special area for technical service and a state-of-the-art training center for our customers were created. With the new building a more attractive working environment with cafeteria, fitness area and roof terrace was created. The constantly increasing requirements in laser medicine and the continuing growth of Asclepion make this necessary.

Successful development of Asclepion Laser Technologies

Together with its sister companies Deka and Quanta System, which also belong to El.En. Group, the three companies present the broadest product portfolio of laser systems for a variety of treatments. As the No. 1 laser specialist in the German-speaking countries, Asclepion offers all products of the entire family from one source – in a 360° carefree package.

Technical support and warranty

Asclepion Laser Technologies offers its customers optimal support by specialists on site and through a large network of local distributors. This way the physicians quickly receive the necessary help in case of need. Moreover, there are two more advantages that speak for themselves: the warranty extension and the technical support by the Asclepion WEBCLUB.

Asclepion WEBCLUB and ACADEMY for training and education

The Internet is the ideal medium for exchanging information and thus promoting dialogue between laser users. The Asclepion WEBCLUB offers information for doctor and patient around the clock – and is the direct link to Asclepion. However, the success of treatment does not only depend on the product quality, but also on the therapist. Accordingly, Asclepion relies on well-trained and competent specialists. For this reason, the company offers a variety of workshops, seminars and trainings within the Asclepion ACADEMY. The training center in Jena is a renowned competence center. In order to be allowed to work with a laser, a certificate of expertise is required by law. The corresponding seminars – in which more than 3,000 users have already participated – have been organized by Asclepion for more than 15 years.

KITs to support the doctor

Asclepion Laser Technologies has developed special kits to support the physician. The Starting Kit introduces the doctor to the world of laser technology – starting with the installation of the device up to the treatment protocols. The Welcome Kit contains technical and advertising material that facilitates the daily practice management: patient brochures, treatment instructions, information sheets, etc. provide comprehensive information about the use and advantages of laser technology. The Clinical Marketing Kit exclusively provides the physician with a comprehensive pool of materials. Meaningful and practical information on patient communication, treatment images and training videos underline the professionalism of the kit. Furthermore, the Asclepion Marketing Guide becomes an invaluable companion in today’s modern IGeL practice management. With the Press Kit, Asclepion offers additional image materials and text modules to help its customers better illustrate the advantages of laser technologies to patients.

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