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Interview with Rebecca Naumann: Cryolipolysis devices in comparison

When treating fat cells with cold it depends on the technique: The two leading suppliers in the German-speaking countries rely on certified medical technology. But what are the differences between the CoolSculpting process from the USA and the supplier ICE AESTHETIC, which uses the cryolipolysis device CRISTAL from the French manufacturer Deleo?

An interview with Dr. Rebecca Naumann, specialist in general internal medicine and cryolipolysis treatments, who has gained experience with both devices.

Fig. 1: Dr. Rebecca Naumann is a specialist in general internal medicine (CH), a member of the Swiss Society for Laser Medicine and a certified botulinum toxin user (DGBT e.V.). Together with Dr. med. Werner Herzig she runs the practice for aesthetic medicine in Lucerne.

CosMed: You have been offering medical cryolipolysis in your practice for years. What does a good cryolipolysis device have to do?

Naumann: The most imortant is safety and the reliable delivery of good results, which leads to a high level of patient satisfaction. This requires an effective, uniform cooling performance of the device. Intuitive, user-friendly operation is also very important. It should also enable efficient operation. Simultaneous treatment of several zones saves time and is a great benefit for both patient and practitioner. Usually, not only one zone is treated, but several.

CosMed: When is cryolipolysis used in your practice?

Naumann: Very often, especially when summer is approaching. For small to medium-sized fat deposits for local and targeted shaping of the silhouette. Treatment is not recommended for severely overweight patients who wish to lose weight.

CosMed: Which cryolipolysis devices do you use?

Naumann: CoolSculpting by Zeltiq Aesthetics re. Allergan for four and a half years, and CRISTAL by ICE AESTHETIC for one year and a half years.

CosMed: What was the decision to switch to another cryolipolysis system?

Naumann: I was always very happy with the results of CoolSculpting, but the general conditions are not satisfying. The key factors were the high license fees for CoolSculpting and the lack of a dual system. CRISTAL allows simultaneous treatment with 2 applicators. So both hips, upper arms or thighs can be treated parallel. The missing licence fees at ICE AESTHETIC also allow fair pricing. Attractive for the patient and lucrative for the practitioner.

Of course, we were not willing to accept losses in terms of safety and quality. ICE AESTHETIC is absolutely comparable to CoolSculpting in this respect as well. The results with both systems are excellent. A further advantage of ICE AESTHETIC is that the device is individually adjustable and the treatment can therefore be tailored more precisely to the individual customer and his fat deposits. A certain amount of experience is certainly an advantage.

CosMed: In your opinion, are there differences in performance and service between the individual providers? What is important for you? What do you pay attention to when selecting and deciding on a provider?

Naumann: Both providers offer support in terms of marketing and the recruitment of new patients. CoolSculpting is focusing more on in practice marketing. Individual marketing support is possible, but the doctor must take the initiative. ICE AESTHETIC has a partner model. Three different options are available, which include service, maintenance and marketing. An appealing website with comprehensive information for patients is also included. Individual wishes, such as print advertisements, social media marketing, including the mediation of influencers, are fulfilled. A very successful model. 

CosMed: Are the different devices suitable for different indications? 

Naumann: Overall, the applicators of the two devices are quite similar. However, there are certain differences. For example, the plate for treating the saddlebags with  CoolSculpting is smaller than in ICE AESTHETIC. When treating Love Handles or mens breasts, CoolSculpting’s CoolCurve+ applicator is sometimes more suitable. A strongly curved applicator is missing with ICE AESTHETIC. But with the small applicators you have more choices and practically no limits. 

CoolSculpting only has the CoolMini applicator. With this, a treatment of the double chin is not always possible, particularly with petite persons, since it is relatively broad. Apart from that, the devices are comparable. When treating the flanks, I even feel that the results are often better with ICE AESTHETIC. 

CosMed: Do you have any experience with models without medical technology approval? If so, how good were they? 

Naumann: Personally, I have no experience with devices without medical technology approval. However, I treated many customers who previously underwent cryolipolysis treatment with a cosmetician. These customers reported, that the treatments felt much less intense and there were no results at all. 

CosMed: Do you generally advise that cryolipolysis devices be approved for use in medical technology or are the “cosmetic” devices sufficient? 

Naumann: It is essential to pay attention to the medical technology approval, as the strict approval criteria ensure a significantly higher degree of safety. Due to the higher performance and more constant, uniform cooling, there are potentially also more dangers. Especially if the treatment is carried out by persons without medical knowledge. It should not be forgotten that improper use can lead to frostbite or necrosis. 

Dr. Naumann, thank you very much for the interview. 

Further Information:
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