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The ASCLEPION EFFECT: Spot on for perfect skin

With the concept „THE ASCLEPION EFFECT“ Asclepion Laser Technologies aims to communicate to the users the advatages of laser technology „Made in Germany“ and to increase the well being of their patients. Hereby Asclepion supports, optimizes and gives assistance in daily medical practice through it’s diverse range of technological innovative products, continuous training and client specific support.


With the follow-up models of the almost legendary Effect- and Star family products such as the MCL 31 Dermablate – one of the most successful lasers for aesthetic treatments, Asclepion continues the success story of laser technology “Made in Germany”.


Skin ablation and rejevenation with Dermablate

Acne scars, crow’s feet, wrinkles, cholestreol enclosures and other unaesthetic skin lesions usually can be treated in only one session, depending on type and size of the affected skin area.


„Our practice has been working with the devices of Asclepion for 7 years – with good clinical results”, says Heike Heise, a dermatologist at the Medical Skin Center Dr. Hilton in Düsseldorf, during a symposium of Asclepion at the Meeting of the DDL (German Dermatologic Laser Society). In addition to the well established procedures with the Erbium-YAG laser and the Q-Switch-Ruby laser, as of late fractional application is available: “We have been deploying the fractional Erbium-YAG for three yeas, with all known advantages: less pain, faster healing, lower risk of side-effects in the treatment of scars, skin rejuvenation, wrinkles, acne scars etc. With the ruby laser, we have been working for one and a half years, especially for treating superficial pigmental lesions and melasma.

Both procedures are well accepted by the patients and are often inquired, because of the fast healing time”. Especially treatment of pigmental lesions is performed during the winter months to minimize the risk of post-darkening.


The innovation:

The new fractional pieces make accessible patients with dark skin types (Fitzpatrick IV) and foreign patient groups (Asians, Arabs, Africans) with Fitzpatrick skintype V-VI, that where only treatable with the laser with difficulty or inadequatly.


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