Combination of CO2 fraxional laser and plasma-rich growth factor (PRGF) for face rejuvenation

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We address the sequential combination of two methods in facial rejuvenation: First the use of CO2 fraxional laser and immediately after the application of Plasma Rich Growth Factors (PRGF) with the mesotherapy method. After 2 years of implementation we believe that this combination gives excellent results even in difficult areas such as the eyelids and neck. We describe the process of preparation of growth factors taken from homologous serum and its application to the face and neck. Although the use of PRGF in skin rejuvenation is in its first steps, we believe that great developments are going to follow, particularly combining it with other methods of skin injury-stimulation, such as laser.


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Address of Correspondence

Zois Polyzois, MD
Dermatology-Venereology Specialist
D. Andreadaki 20
GR-32100 Levadeia Greece


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