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Case library: Neck/Décolleté

Clinical Experiences with an Antimicrobial Bed Equipment Using Zinc-Smartcel Fibers for Pronounced Atopic Dermatitis

Uwe Wollina, Nadine Schmidt, Diana Mühle, Gesina Hansel Introduction Neurodermatitis is a chronic inflammatory dermatosis from the group of atopic diseases. Essential pathophysiological aspects are the disturbance of the skin barrier function, the changes of the cell-mediated immunity, the IgE hyperreactivity and environmental influences. The interaction of genetic factors and environmental influences determine the severity […]

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Acquired dermal smooth muscle hamartoma: a unique presentation simulating Becker’s nevus

INTRODUCTION Smooth muscle hamartoma (SMH) is derived from benign proliferation of smooth muscle bundles in the dermis [1]. It usually presents at birth or shortly thereafter. However, acquired lesions have also been reported, although considered extremely rare. Only 12 cases have been published in the English medical literature to date, five of which were believed to have originated from arrector pili […]

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Fig. 1: Slightly hyperpigmented plaque, composed of densely grouped papules on the left shoulder.


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