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Dirk Brandl

Controversies in aesthetic medicine Framework conditions 2: The new challenges of aesthetic medicine

Preliminary remark During many training sessions, where surgeons were often present, we noticed a passion for operative work. The activity of surgery leads to satisfaction, sometimes euphoria and is considered an experience that one would not want to miss. A non-physician can only comprehend this satisfaction if he transfers it to other fields of activity; […]

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Controversies in aesthetic medicine The frame conditions 1: society and identity of the aesthetic doctor

DIRK BRANDL 1 AND VOLKER SCHRADER 2 Dipl.-Ing., Speaker of the Globalhealth Academy for Aesthetic Medicine Dipl.-Päd., Psychologist and Consultant Globalhealth Academy for Aesthetic Medicine   Preliminary remarks The following series of articles is intended to stimulate discourse and reflection on aesthetic activity. For this reason, some topics are also provocatively pointedly presented. The authors […]

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Injection Lipolysis – An Update

The NETWORK-Lipolysis has played a major role in the development of the minimally invasive alternative therapy for reducing minor deposits of fat which is known today as Injection Lipolysis (IL).

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