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Asclepion Laser Technologies: Steady growth enables investment in the future

On September 9, an extension to the main building of Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH was inaugurated and the usable floor space almost doubled by a further 2,500 m2 during a big celebration. In the new three-storey building, production and storage areas, a clean room as well as a special area for technical service and a state-of-the-art training center for customer training were created. A cafeteria, fitness area and a roof terrace also provide an attractive working environment for the employees and a relaxed learning atmosphere for the Academy’s guests. The ever-increasing demands of laser medicine and Asclepion’s continued growth make this necessary.

Fig. 1: Company headquarters in Jena
Asclepion – The Company

As a global company, Asclepion works with over 70 distributors and generates over 60% of its revenue abroad. Its core markets are the USA, Asia and Europe, and with over 3,000 laser systems installed, Asclepion is also strongly represented in its home market.

In order to develop innovative and successful products, it is necessary to invest intensively in research and medical practice. Asclepion Laser Technologies is committed to this ethos, to the benefit of its customers and partners. The aim is to bring the advantages of laser technology to an ever-increasing number of people and to increase the well-being of patients. Asclepion supports, optimizes and promotes daily medical practice thanks to a wide range of products, continuous training and customer-specific support.

Fig. 2: Thomas Unger, Chief Operations & Marketing Officer at Asclepion, introduces the PicoStar.
With pioneering spirit to the worldwide technology leader for innovative lasers

Asclepion Laser Technologies is a pioneer of medical-cosmetic lasers. Founded in 1977, it became known worldwide as Aesculap-Meditec GmbH. A joint venture with part of Jenoptik took place in 1995 and in 2002 the company changed its owner and company name to Carl Zeiss Meditec AG. Since there was a strong focus on ophthalmology from this point, today’s Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH found a new partner in 2003: Florence-based El.En. Group acquired the dermatological, surgical and dental laser division. A lively cooperation among the partners made the Jena-based company the worldwide technology leader for innovative lasers in aesthetic medicine and surgery.

Partner for dermatologically and aesthetically oriented practices, institutes and clinics

With its comprehensive range of services, Asclepion sees itself as a competent partner for dermatologically and aesthetically oriented practices, institutes and clinics. Almost all aesthetic skin treatments are possible with Asclepion products: removal of tattoos, pigment spots, spider veins, scars, varicose veins or hair – to name just a few applications. Under the branding “JenaSurgical”, Asclepion offers laser systems for general and precision microsurgery, e.g. for prostate or bladder stone treatment.

Fig. 3: The Academy’s state-of-the-art training center can accommodate 100 guests.

Numerous clinical studies on various technologies confirm and secure the success of the treatment. All medical lasers from Asclepion are CE certified and are also certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or undergoing testing.

Service – Training – Application – digital and on-site thanks to WEBCLUB and ACADEMY

The Asclepion WEBCLUB provides information for doctor and patient around the clock and is the direct connection to Asclepion. The success of the treatment depends not only on the quality of the product but also on the therapist. Accordingly, Asclepion relies on well-trained and competent specialists. That is why the company offers a wide range of workshops, seminars and training courses as part of the Asclepion ACADEMY. The training centre in Jena is a renowned competence centre. In order to be allowed to work with a laser, a certificate of competence is required by law. Asclepion has been organizing the corresponding seminars for more than 20 years – in which more than 3,000 users have already participated. Together with competent speakers and lecturers, the diverse application possibilities of laser technology are presented and well-founded specialist knowledge is imparted. Furthermore, the Asclepion reference centers are open to interested physicians all over the world.

Fig. 4: Danilo Leggieri, General Manager Asclepion (left), and Paolo Salvadeo, General Manager El.En. Group (right), inaugurate the new building.

KITs for the physician

Asclepion Laser Technologies has developed special kits to support the physician. The Starting Kit introduces the physician to the world of laser technology – from the installation of the device to the treatment protocols. The Welcome Kit contains technical and advertising material that facilitates daily practice management: 

Patient brochures, treatment instructions, information sheets, etc. provide comprehensive information on the use and advantages of laser technology. The Clinical Marketing Kit exclusively provides the physician with an extensive pool of materials. Meaningful and practical information on patient communication, treatment pictures and training videos underline the professionalism. In addition, the Asclepion Marketing Guide becomes an invaluable companion in today’s modern practice management. With the Press Kit, Asclepion offers additional image materials and text modules to help its customers better illustrate the advantages of laser technologies to patients.

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