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Almirall and Bicosome enter into a collaboration and sublicense agreement for the development of topical drug delivery formulations

Almirall S.A., the global pharmaceutical company based in Barcelona, and Bicosome, a start-up company that develops and commercializes high performance cosmetic and dermopharmaceutical ingredients, announced that they have entered into a research, collaboration and sublicense agreement for the development of multiple topical dermatological products, based upon Bicosome’s proprietary patented delivery technology platform, Bicosome® Technology.

In accordance with the terms of the agreement, Bicosome will be responsible for the research activities to deliver preclinical product prototypes using their proprietary encapsulating system and Almirall will perform the clinical development, regulatory filings, manufacturing and commercialization activities of the developed products.

Under the collaboration agreement, Bicosome grants Almirall a sublicense to develop and commercialize products in certain dermatological indications. Bicosome will receive research payments and is entitled to potential development milestone payments as well as tiered royalties on future Net Sales and sales milestones.

Bicosome® Technology is an innovative technological platform for skin delivery able to transport and deliver actives selectively to their site of action. This technology was created to solve skin penetration limitations, one of the biggest challenges for skin care formulators. Bicosome® based ingredients are able to protect molecules from degradation, to modulate skin barrier function without damaging the skin, and to penetrate and reach the desired layer of the skin, where the active ingredients need to be delivered.

Through this agreement, Almirall incorporates a unique and differentiated technology, already used and validated in the cosmetic market, to transport and deliver actives to the site of action in the skin. Products based on this technology offer advantages in improving patient compliance, stability of the active agents and the interaction of the actives with the skin.

Thomas Eichholtz, Chief Scientific Officer, and Executive Vice-President of R&D at Almirall, commented: “We are delighted to enter into this collaboration with Bicosome, which once again demonstrates our desire to become a global leader in Dermatology and gives us access to a potentially breakthrough technology in topical drug delivery. Our aim is to leverage cutting-edge technologies to cover unmet patient needs in Dermatology through targeted innovation in R&D and this partnership is a good sign of this commitment.”

Lucyanna Barbosa CEO at Biocosome addressed: “We are sure that we encountered in the collaboration with Almirall the adequate partner to validate our technology in dermopharmaceutical field. Bicosome® platform provides multiple benefits in the treatment of the skin, boosting both efficacy and safety of products. We look forward for the success of the project to benefit patients with our new concept for delivering medicines into the skin.”

This collaboration is another example of Almirall’s commitment to developing innovative products to cover unmet needs in dermatological diseases.


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